Talent is Essential

Without talent, companies can’t grow. Located on the North Campus of the University of Waterloo, R+T Park is next door to 40,000 students, the world’s largest co-operative education program, and a community of innovative thinkers that solve problems and get things done.


Win the Talent War

Companies around the world are competing for the best people to help solve the most complex problems. R+T Park puts you right in the middle of a globally renowned pool of talent trained to solve problems, develop solutions, and seize opportunities.

With over 21,000 students in the University’s co-operative programs each year, companies can recruit people who understand the real-world challenges businesses face. For every dollar a company spends on a co-op student, they realize two dollars in impact.

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TextNow on Talent

“As TextNow continues to grow and disrupt the wireless industry it seemed fitting to have our office in a place of inspiration. R+T Park is our home. It is a great community of likeminded organizations and it has all we need. It is close to our talent pool, the University of Waterloo, and provides the best environment for growth.

“As we continue to scale up and look for top talent, it’s critical we provide our employees with a work environment that is inspiring and conducive to collaboration as well as being conveniently located, close to public transit and on the LRT line.”
— Derek Ting, CEO, Textnow

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Find Your Best and Brightest

Waterloo is ranked #1 in Canada for the quality of tech talent by CBRE. With over 60,000 students annually in the Region, this is an unmatched ecosystem for finding high-quality professionals who can design, build, deploy and sell the next generation of leading products and solutions.


Are You Ready for the Future?

R+T Park is more than a place to work – it’s a place where people thrive.

The next generation of employees entering the workplace wants more than just a job—they want a career and an employer that aligns with their values and goals. In fact, the University’s Future Workforce Survey and Management Guide showed that 50% of graduating students weren’t willing to take a job that didn’t match their values.

Are you ready for the future of work? We are, and we can help!

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