Top companies choose Waterloo

What better place to be than beside the University of Waterloo, Canada’s most innovative university. Ranked as a Top 5 Global Accelerator, the University was recently recognized as a world leader in computer science, electrical & electronic engineering, mathematics, anatomy & physiology, and mechanical engineering.


Accelerate R&D

Take innovation to the next level by partnering with UWaterloo. Ranked #1 in Canada for industry partnerships, we go beyond ideas by applying next-generation research to real-world challenges.

R+T Park works with you to plug into game-changing research that will push you ahead of the competition.

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Attract Talent

Waterloo Region has over 60,000 students, most of them right here on the Waterloo campus. Locating in R+T Park puts you next door to the world’s largest co-operative education program and a community of passionate problem solvers that know how to get results.

UWaterloo students are some of the best and brightest in the world—and employers know it. A recent impact study showed that for every dollar employers spend on coop students, they realize two dollars in value!

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What Are You Waiting For?

Find your place in R+T Park among globally-leading companies, disruptive startups, and world-class research institutes.


Connect with Startups

Extend your lead on the competition by disrupting yourself before you are disrupted. R+T Park is home to the Accelerator Centre and hundreds of innovative startups that can help you change how you do business.

Waterloo Region boasts the second-highest density of startup activity in the world. We’re one of the most vibrant entrepreneurial cultures anywhere—come see why!

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