#1 for Industry Partnership

At R+T Park wbring industry together with research, talent, and startups to go beyond ideas, solve real-world problems, and make real change. 


R&D That Matters

The University of Waterloo is renowned for taking ideas and research out of the lab into the real world. The University ranks #1 in the world for student-employer partnerships and #1 in Canada for industry partnerships.

What does that mean? It means that we’re serious about working with you to go beyond ideas and turn research into fully realized, valuable IP, and market-ready solutions.

Let's Work Together

Corporate Innovation

Things are changing fast and companies need to innovate or risk dying. At R+T Park we know that’s easy to say, but hard to act on, which is why we work closely with the University of Waterloo and our incubator partners to help companies develop actionable strategies that can help them act nimble, experiment quickly, and beat the competition.  

The Accelerator Centre, one of the top accelerators in the world, offers a comprehensive corporate innovation program designed to help companies spin out innovation teams, think differently about customer problems, and validate solutions faster. 

Innovate Differently

Get ahead of the competition

Companies can’t afford to be idle in today’s economy. Partnering with Waterloo and locating on campus to get a first look at the technologies that will reshape the world is the best way to stay ahead of the competition and win new customers.


What Makes Waterloo Different

Waterloo’s inventor-owned IP policy allows companies to collaborate directly with researchers, making it easier to commercialize research quickly.

Companies choose R+T Park because it puts them right on campus, directly connected to world-renowned faculty and graduate researchers, getting an early look at emerging technology that’s poised to change the world.

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