SSIMWAVE wins second Emmy® award in six years

SSIMWAVE wins second Emmy® award in six years

R+T Park tenant SSIMWAVE was honored for leadership in perceptual quality metrics for video encoding optimization

For the second time in six years, an Emmy® Award for groundbreaking work in television video quality will come to the SSIMWAVE® team. 

SSIMWAVE is being honored with a Technology & Engineering Emmy® Award by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences for work in Development of Perceptual Metrics for Video Encoding Optimization. In 2015 Dr. Zhou Wang, Chief Science Officer and co-founder of SSIMWAVE, was presented with an Engineering Emmy Award by the Television Academy for his role in inventing the Structural Similarity (SSIM) Video Quality Measurement Model.

SSIMWAVE has 18 patents in the sphere of video quality, including for optimization, and its solutions are improving the viewer experience for more than 130 million subscribers around the world. The company is also partnering with top SVODs to help them create best encodes for their content libraries.

SSIMWAVE’s SSIMPLUS® incorporates characteristics of the human visual system and produces an objective score for any video across networks and devices. SSIMPLUS’s significant advances over other video quality measurement approaches enable solutions to some of the most pressing industry needs, including reduction of costs and improvement of viewer satisfaction. Advances include:

  • The ability uniquely to dial viewer experience on demand and deliver it consistently across VOD libraries.
  • Viewer scores that correlate most accurately with subjective assessments of video quality, and that provide a complete understanding of Viewer Experiences from content creation to playback, with or without the need of a reference.
  • Viewer adaptive scores that support various stages of video workflows.
  • Support for all media delivery workflows, all content formats and all content types.

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The Emmy award-winning SSIMPLUS metric is the engine inside SSIMWAVE’s new optimization solution, Video Quality Dial, that enables video providers to achieve multi-million-dollar savings in delivery costs per year while delivering “just right” levels of video quality across entire VOD asset libraries. The SSIMPLUS Video Quality Dial is a software application that allows video providers total control over the Viewer Experience, consistent delivery for any type of VOD video content, and optimization of the bitrates of every encode and every title. Compatible with all cloud-based encoding systems, the new solution can enable bitrate reductions of up to 50% while allowing providers to deliver the Viewer Experience of choice to satisfy their viewers.

“In just the few years since Dr. Wang was awarded an Emmy Award for SSIM, the team behind SSIMPLUS and now our Video Quality Dial has significantly advanced the science of video quality measurement, and encoding optimization,” said Dr. Rehman.

“All of us at SSIMWAVE are honored that the broadcasters, programmers, cable operators and other members of the National Academy’s Technology & Engineering Achievement Committee have recognized the engineering creativity and impact of our efforts to help the industry optimize bitrates, reduce delivery costs and improve viewer experiences.”

Dr. Abdul Rehman, CEO, SSIMWAVE

The 2020 award is scheduled to be presented at the 72nd annual Technology & Engineering Emmy Awards Ceremony, which is tentatively expected to be a virtual event held on Sunday, Oct. 10 in partnership with the National Association of Broadcasters Show conference.