Startup Canada – Day On The Hill

Startup Canada – Day On The Hill

We’re joining Startup Canada for an entrepreneurial invasion of Parliament Hill

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On Nov. 21, 2013, Startup Canada, its sponsors, and partners will make history by gathering the largest contingent of Canadian entrepreneurs ever to meet on Parliament Hill with the nation’s elected leaders for a national celebration of Canadian entrepreneurship.

We are proud to be a key proponent of Startup Canada Day on the Hill, a milestone event that will manifest the momentum, impact, and scale of the grassroots start-up movement in Canada, and advance discussion on the crucial role partnerships between entrepreneurs, independent organizations, and government play in maximizing entrepreneurial success.

When you look at the numbers, there are no doubts that entrepreneurship benefits all Canadians. Industry Canada’s Key Small Business Statistics reveal small businesses represent a large part of Canada’s work force, creating millions of jobs each year and contributing to our exports. Small businesses created 77.7 per cent of all private jobs from 2002 to 2012, and about 90 per cent of Canadian exporters were small businesses in 2011, compared with 85 per cent in 2008 and 87 per cent in 1999, according to Industry Canada.

As entrepreneurs are the foundation of prosperity in Canada, a strong, national ecosystem supporting them is favourable to all Canadians. We’re joining Startup Canada on Parliament Hill on Nov. 21 to ensure entrepreneurs are equipped with the best possible means to maximize their contributions to Canadian society through their enterprises.

Throughout panel discussions and keynote speeches from industry, community, and government leaders, Startup Canada Day on the Hill will strengthen the national culture of entrepreneurship in Canada and remove barriers to start-up growth by connecting the individuals and organizations vital to the success of entrepreneurship in Canada. The event will draw more than 700 attendees, including Ministers, Members of Parliament, Senators, entrepreneurs, and business leaders.

During this very special day, Startup Canada will be making a number of announcements that have implications on our local startup communities and our national entrepreneurship ecosystem.

STARTUP CANADA DAY ON THE HILL is proudly presented by Intuit Canada and proudly supported by the Build in Canada Innovation Program, Export Development Canada, Canada Business, CANARIE, Wesley Clover, Sparks Street, the University of Ottawa, iPolitics and Market2World and Microsoft. Startup Canada’s sponsors include Microsoft, Gowlings, ScotiaBank, McMillan LLP and LeBarge Weinstein LLP.

About Startup Canada

Startup Canada has built a national network of hyper-connected startup communities, sped access for entrepreneurs to local sources of support and advice, and initiated high-impact, national campaigns to fuel a culture of entrepreneurship across Canada. Startup Canada represents more than 55,000 entrepreneurs, more than 400 partner organizations and more than 250 volunteers. It is one of the most followed, active and high-impact entrepreneurship organizations in Canada, and is regarded globally as a best practice in grassroots entrepreneurship mobilization, startup communities, and cultural campaigns.