R+T Park Named SWR’s Partner of the Year

R+T Park Named SWR’s Partner of the Year

On Thursday April 25, the Waterloo Region Community gathered together at evolv1 to celebrate sustainability and recognize those who are making a positive difference in the fight against climate change. 

Sustainable Waterloo Region, one of our newest tenants, held their 10th Annual Evening of Recognition right here in R+T Park at their new home in evolv1. A fitting venue given that the building is the first zero-carbon certified building in Canada and one of the most sustainable office spaces in the world. 

R+T Park is thrilled to have been named Sustainable Waterloo Region’s Partner of the Year for our collective efforts to reduce the Park’s carbon footprint and embrace sustainable initiatives. 

Photo of the award
The Sustainable Waterloo Region Partner of the Year Award recognizing R+T Park. Made by Waterloo artist Erin Moffat, it’s comprised entirely of recycled/reclaimed materials.

This award is a great honour and recognizes the incredible work and innovative spirit of R+T Park’s tenants to make the world better.

Some of the accomplishments and initiatives the Park community has undertaken include:

  • A commitment to a 40% reduction in building Green House Gas emissions by 2024 through energy conservation planning. (Note: we’re on track to be at a 44% reduction by 2022)
  • Community clean ups to reduce litter throughout the park
  • Fostering sustainable commuting initiatives, including maintaining trails between buildings and the new LRT station, adoption of Lime eScooters in R+T Park, embracing the new DropBike pilot, and encouraging companies to help employees find ways to walk, bike, or take transit to work. 
  • Partnering with the UW Stratford MDEI program to develop a plan for promoting sustainable transportation in R+T Park.
  • Supporting a nearly million dollar research project into developing a culture of sustainability with Laurier professor Manuel Riemer.

We’re excited to keep working hard on making R+T Park a leader in sustainability, and thanks to our partnerships across the Park and with Sustainable Waterloo Region, we’re well positioned to do that!