Once BlackBerry Focused, a Campus Widens Its View

Once BlackBerry Focused, a Campus Widens Its View

The University of Waterloo, in a city that people outside Canada would struggle to find on a map, is one of the world’s best technology schools.

BlackBerry, the company formerly called Research In Motion, grew out of a student project there, and for years the school served as a reliable pipeline of stellar engineering talent straight into the nearby offices of the smartphone maker. In 2007, when BlackBerrys still defined smartphones, about 400 students were on paid internships with the company, positions that more often than not led to full-time jobs.

But after years of being a first-choice destination for University of Waterloo graduates and interns, BlackBerry is now a last resort. In its place, American technology giants including Google, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft have more than filled the hiring void.

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