IMS deepens tech offering for smarter, safer driving

IMS deepens tech offering for smarter, safer driving

R+T Park tenant IMS extends partnership with Onlia on innovative tool to help people drive smarter and safer

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IMS (Insurance & Mobility Solutions), one of the world’s top three providers of connected car data solutions to insurers, mobility operators and governments, is pleased to announce the three-year extension of its successful partnership with Onlia, a Canadian provider of innovative digital home and auto insurance and a safe-driving mobile app.

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“The continued collaboration between IMS and Onlia will enable us to fully exploit the value of telematics technology in delivering improved road safety through the prevention-first approach that is at the heart of Onlia Sense,” said Bob Skerrett, CEO Insurance at IMS. “We are confident that the combination of class-leading technology, rewards and insurance cashback will deliver safer driver behavior, and we are looking forward to playing our part in helping this materialize over the next three years.”

Onlia Sense is a free-to-download, mobile app intended for widespread use by all Canadians. Drivers can earn rewards and badges, gain leaderboard positions and qualify for insurance cashback in exchange for safe driving behavior.

“The IMS software development kit (SDK) offers us rapid development potential for both iOS and Android platforms, with ease of customization, and minimal maintenance,” said Pieter Louter, CEO of Onlia.

“We continue to partner with IMS for new telematics capabilities, based on their solid industry experience and a future-forward roadmap.”

Pieter Louter, CEO of Onlia

“We are very pleased to have been able to work with Onlia to deliver a critical component of the Onlia Sense app,” said Skerrett. “IMS’s telematics technology is already helping Onlia customers reduce distracted driving, improve overall driving behaviour, and access frequent rewards. We are delighted that Onlia has chosen to extend its partnership with us.”

During this three-year partnership extension IMS and Onlia will continue to work together to build out and support Onlia’s direct-to-consumer, digital-first approach to the Canadian market.

For more information on the IMS SDK and the Onlia partnership, please access the full Onlia Sense Telematics SDK Case Study here.