IASP World Conference Wrap-up and Highlights

IASP World Conference Wrap-up and Highlights

The 2014 IASP World Conference held in Qatar marked its 30th year. Immediate past-president of the Associations of University Research Parks in Canada (AURP), Carol Stewart, was the only Canadian who presented at this conference. 

Here are some highlights of IASP 2014 Doha: 

1. IASP 30th Anniversary

This year marked the 30th anniversary of IASP and to celebrate, IASP created a great video. 

2. IASP winners Inspiring solutions – six IASP winners announced in Doha

IASP Doha announced the winners of the Inspiring Solutions Programme. The winners are:

  • Johanneberg Science Park (Sweden) 
  • Technologie Park Herzogenrath (Germany) 
  • Tecnoparq (Brazil) 
  • Technology Park of Andalusia (Spain) 
  • The Innovation Hub (South Africa) 
  • TusPark (China)

3. IASP 2015 World Conference 

Looking ahead, we are excited about the preparations of the next conference. 2015 IASP World Conference Takes Place in Beijing, China with the theme of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation: New Technologies, New Industries, New Communities, organised by Zhongguancun Science Park.