Presentation Builds More Momentum For Expanded Two-way GO Rail Service To Kitchener

Presentation Builds More Momentum For Expanded Two-way GO Rail Service To Kitchener

KITCHENER – During a pre-budget consultation today, Kitchener Mayor Carl Zehr presented the joint two-way GO train business case to the Hon. Charles Sousa, Ontario’s finance minister and to Kitchener Centre MPP John Milloy. The proposal is a collaborative initiative that, in addition to the City of Kitchener, includes the cities of Waterloo and Guelph, the Region of Waterloo, and partners in the technology and financial services sectors.

Mayor Zehr’s presentation outlined the needs and pay-back of expanding the commuter rail service between Union Station and Kitchener. The request is for the province and federal government to establish a capital allocation for rail infrastructure to support full-day, two-way GO train service on the Kitchener Line (CN North Mainline) in the 2014 provincial and federal capital budgets.

Mayor Zehr believes the presentation was important and valuable.

“I’m optimistic that the province will give our request favourable consideration,” Zehr said. “With the foresight to invest in this initiative, the federal and provincial governments will play a key role in generating over 30,000 new jobs in the technology and financial services sectors in the innovation corridor.”

Waterloo Mayor Brenda Halloran agreed that enhanced rail service is much more than a public transit strategy – it’s a job growth strategy. She also noted that the proposal is aligned with the province’s budget priorities.

“Our local plan for jobs and growth is focused on building modern infrastructure and promoting a dynamic and innovative business climate,” Mayor Halloran explained. “Expanded two-way GO service certainly fits into that vision.”

The compelling 90-page business case for expanded GO Train service between Waterloo Region, Guelph and Toronto/GTA was released in December and demonstrates that a strategic investment in transit infrastructure is critical to continued growth and vitality.

Guelph Mayor Karen Farbridge explained that full-day, two way GO train service “builds on the incredible momentum we have already created in this region. We need to link the regional economies of the GTA with Waterloo Region and Guelph in order to fully achieve our potential as Canada’s Innovation Supercluster.”

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